LaLaLa Presents: Åkervinda & The Ballina Whalers

Tuesday 13th June, 2017
The Old Church, Stoke Newington

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Come and join us for an evening of the finest vocal music. Taking place at The Old Church in Stoke Newington on Tuesday 13 June, Åkervinda & The Ballina Whalers will steal your breath away with their mesmorising take on ancient folk songs.

Åkervinda: Beautiful, vivid and engaging Nordic folksong. The four singers of Åkervinda take pride in their original and modern interpretation of the traditional folk songs of Scandinavia.

The Ballina Whalers: Pete Truin, Jamie Doe and Sam Brookes are three musical barnacles clinging to the creaking hull of a vocal tradition stretching back over hundreds of years. Using just their voices they explore ballads, shanties and seafaring songs that tell tales of whaling ships, lost loves, roaring storms and hardship out at sea.

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